Post Pandemic Paradigm The shift in Higher Education: A New Global Perspective

 Post Pandemic Paradigm The shift in Higher Education: A New Global Perspective

We are witnessing that COVID-19 has led to and amplified the concerns and actions of universities across the world by reshaping and challenging their interests into guaranteeing short-term operational continuity, while ensuring long-term institutional viability. Very few people would have predicted in actuality that universities would face such a paradigm shift in the education and learning system– with the predominant virtual teaching and remote working bursting onto the scene – as a the consequence of the global pandemic.

 The things that changed or has shown a shift in the higher education system is:

 v  One major issue resolved was providing access and giving guaranteed equal opportunity to the lower-income students and to members of disadvantaged minorities.

v  The legal regulatory bodies were finding a formula that would allow to measure- learning outcomes for education purpose and attainment in relation to graduate employability and distribute public money in accordance with this criterion.

v  Many of the universities were assuming a more stalwart and a proactive commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and they were additionally taking a firmer stance on helping for the economic development of their regional settings.

v  Some parties pushed for universities for encouraging competence training as well as to create education programmes for working class adults.

v  Finally, within university campuses, there was a concern regarding the well-being of the faculty and the students (including their nutrition, mental and physical health, hygiene, sanitization etc.).

COVID-19 has changed everything, and this list was no exception. New and more pressing goals were added as priorities. Taking advantage of the virus-induced virtual culture for universities and colleges will require both imaginative and creative implementation, as well as an innovative mentality and an open leadership, as we still have so much to learn about our disturbing and confusing short-term and mid-term future.

However, we have to keep in mind that respecting physical distancing, being able to deliver teaching and research quality in a virtual or semi-virtual environment, will not be the same as the previous traditional system (vivid college and residential campus life experience).

Universities were and will always be the founding pillar of higher education and the necessary lens for envisioning the student’s future. Despite the impact of the huge pandemic (COVID-19) and the havoc it may wreak on their modus operandi. However, We cannot afford to underestimate or forget the resilience universities have shown throughout human history. However, in these coming months or years, we will witness new, strategic and tactical measures coming, as long as this pandemic continues on its unpredictable march, eroding peace, control and comfort in the society.

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