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 Dosti mausum nahi  Jo apni muddat puri kare aur rukhsat ho jaye Dosti saavan nahi  Toot k barse aur tham jage Dosti aag nahi Sulge bhadke aur rakh ho jaye Dosti avtaar nahi Chamke aur doob jaye Dosti phool nahi  Khile aur murjha jaye Are janab dosti to saans hai Jo chle to sab kuch; jo ruk jaye to kuch bhi nahi

Weekend Worksheet ✈️ Common for all Interns

Weekend Worksheet ✈️ Common for all Interns   Weekend    Worksheet ✈️     Common for all Interns [  30 / 31  Jan    2021 Sat - Sunday  ]   Good Morning Team ๐ŸŒ„ This worksheet is for the weekend and it comprises of  Only One Task:   [ You Need to do  Any  Task  of your Choice If Not Done before ] What is the Best Work From Home Ideas for Pilots and Air Hostess  Join the Webinar  Topic: Effective Communication Skills for Enhancing Interpersonal Relations -   Apoorva Thakur  

LinkedIn Most Powerful Profiles Of The Year 2020

LinkedIn Most Powerful Profiles Of The Year 2020   Aaina Chopra aainachopra11   Aishwarya Jain aishwarya-jain-093473121   Arzoo Sharma aarzoo-sharma12   Ashwini Dasgupta ashwini-dasgupta-7318a81b7 Apoorva Thakur   Chandi Aluwihare Delwala chandialuwiharedelwala Dashmeet Kaur dashmeet-kaur-643459146   Dhairya Gangwani dhairya-gangwani   Dhwani Jain dhwanijain-karma   Dipti Maurya dipti-m-30bb5a1a5   Dr. Pallavi Joshi Kapooriya dr-pallavi-joshi-kapooria- 07766446   Dr. Neepa Choksi mwlite/in/dr-neepa-choksi- 2b134778   Dr. Shama Hussain dr-shama-hussain-22044757   Dr. Aparna Sethi  https://www.linkedin.c