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JD FOR Travel Blogger:

A Travel Blogger, also known as a Travel writer or just as a “Blogger”, is someone who travels around the world collecting material for writing about their Travel experiences, deriving income from a variety of on-line and off-line sources.  The Travel Blogger must Travel to a destination country (or more typically, a series of countries) in order to obtain exciting, informative experiences which he or she will then host on their Blog site. They will also usually be required to upload good quality photography to illustrate the pieces.


Organising a Travel plan to countries where the Blogger intends to travel

Making Travel arrangements

Organising visas where necessary

Contacting potential advertisers to attempt to secure ad hoc and ongoing advertising

Contacting product suppliers to arrange product reviews and sponsorship

Pitching Travel features to print media

Skills and Qualifications

There are no academic requirements for Travel Blogging. In fact, many people choose this option because they lack sufficient qualifications, often traveling during university breaks, or to gather experience working in different territories, thereby adding to the experience on their CV.

Experience, however, is a different story. From the first trip, the Travel Blogger will be accumulating experience on a number of levels.

Firstly, the need to create professional written content, upload it to a Blog, manage the pages and promote the Travel Blog are specific skills that are usually self-taught through experience.

Secondly, continuing Travel trips give the Blogger a thick skin, making them more able to deal with difficult situations as they arise whilst in the field; the first Asian trekking adventure, for example, is a daunting experience for many, as the Blogger will need to deal with mosquito bites, crushing humidity, language and navigational difficulties and a variety of potentially dangerous eventualities.

After the writer has completed three such trips, they will probably be able to offer strong experiential advice to other travelers. This is how meaningful and valuable content translates to advertising revenues through a successful Blog.

Here’s what every Blogger needs to know:

How to write fresh and exciting content on a variety of social media channels

How to edit photos to match your Blog’s ideas and develop a signature aesthetic

Understand how to use good quality photographic equipment, such as a digital SLR camera

Understand how to use web-hosted Blogging services such as WordPress and Twitter

Be able to integrate customer’s paid advertising banners into their own Blog pages

Be able to pitch successfully to Travel and non-Travel print magazines around the world

The various ways to edit videos to create interest among your audience

When to keep up with all social media updates and use them to create content

Marketing strategies

Sales strategies and how to use them on your Blog

Page optimization for Google search

How to build good relationships with the brands with which you’re collaborating

How to use Google Analytics

Traits of a Successful Blogger

With more and more new Blogs every day, it’s becoming harder to set yourself apart from the crowd. However, following our advice, you’ll create a Blog that fits perfectly in a niche you’ve chosen:

Always think strategically

Invest in improving your writing skills

Delegate your work

Always set clear yearly goals

Use social media to promote yourself as a brand

Know your audience and connect with them

Be happy to stay in a variety of accommodation types, from 5-star resorts down to backpacker shacks

Have a love of Travel and a desire to see far-off places

Possess a decent level of English language writing skill


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