Work from home has been running for more than 365 days now.

 Work from home has been running for more than 365 days now. It's a fine experience for him. With each passing day, mixed feelings are coming in his mind about this matter.

First thing in the morning he has to turn on his laptop.

He spends most of his day with the laptop, checking email, interacting with teammates and completing his tasks within a given time frame.

Sometimes, he gets frustrated due to pressure from the client/management as he has to complete the tasks in a given time frame.

Recently, he started feeling drowsy due to too much pressure and frequent work. There is no difference between a weekday and a weekend.

Every day, he falls asleep with back pain, as there is no dedicated office desk at home.

For some people, work from home is even more exhausting than long commutes after a busy office day.

But, the condition of people working from home is better as compared to daily wage workers. Cab drivers, bus operators etc. are sitting at home without any work.

Multinational companies and many other companies have extended the lockdown till 31 July. It is good to take it in a positive way and work with a happy and healthy mind.

The above points are experienced by my friend who is an IT professional. These may differ from person to person.

We are hiring candidates for #Operations #Executive Role.

#Job #responsibilities :-

Handling prep for students assigned.

Respond to all issues with prompt attention

Maintain timely contact with students.

Bridging the gap between the student and tutor

SPOC for the student for all his queries post enrollment

Taking demos of under trainee tutor .

Ideal candidate:-

Outstanding #communicationskills

Experience in remote working will be an added advantage

#Freshers can apply

This is a full time and #workFromHome position.

Weekends will be working.

Laptop or desktop with webcam is must with good internet connection.

If you're interested in this role then kindly fill the G form provided below:-

Chennai Work from Home Savvy Mom and Teachers Group

Trivandrum Savvy Mom and Teachers Group Work from Home


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