Looking for Very Creative Content Writers for Blog Work to Win #Creative Writer #Content Developer

Looking for Very Creative Content  Writers for Blog Work to Win

#Creative Writer 

#Content Developer 

We Need Content Writers to Work From Home to Help our B2C & B2B Brands & Services with Copywriting & Content writing to nurture, persuade and convert our Target Audience,


Creative Content  Writers for Blog  is an Entry-Level Job Role. 

It is the role responsible for writing clear, creative and attractive copies. 

It also includes tasks like proofreading and using SEO tools. 

It is a stepping stone if you are looking to make a career in the Creative Content  Writers  field.

You must be Very Creative Content Writer   working in the writing and Editing industry. You must be Skilled in Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Leadership, and Microsoft Office. Strong Education Professional with a Focus in Information Technology,  Engineering or Management. 

Key Responsibilities:

#Research Ideas and facts pertinent to the type of Content / Topic Work To Win [W2W]  and L B L Lessons for Business Leaders assigned.

#Develop Creative  and Innovative Ideas derived from Online/Offline Research and Organize the same on paper or Computer Applications.

We are Looking for   Content Writers  who's Expertise lies in these Niches: 


📍 Content Marketing. 

📍Education [Motivation]

📍Travel and Food.

📍 Lifestyle and Wellness.

You may also need to Curate: 

📍Long form Content. 

[Articles, Blogs, Website Copy] 

📍Social Media Copies


📍 Emailers 

📍 LinkedIn Posts 

📍 Memes

Your Creative Content must resonate with the Audience and People talk about it over a Cup of Coffee. 

You must stay connected to the latest Trends and Imbibe a Personal Touch to your Pieces. We need assured of Quality Content too! 

Sample :


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5. Educational Qualification  --------------

6.  Career Options  Author / CW / Blogger 

Personal SWOT Analysis [ Optional ] 

Strengths : 

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Opportunities :

Threats  : 

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Pay Out for English Fresher Content Writers

Rs 80 Per Articleup to 10 Article

Rs 100 from 11 - 20 Article

Rs 120 from 21 - 30 Article

Rs 140 from 31 - 40 Article

Rs 150 Afetr 41 Article onwards

After every 10 Article Bonus of Rs 100

Payment Mode :

We are  inviting you to use Google Pay, a simple and secure payments app by Google. 

Here’s   Code   


Just enter it before your first transaction. 

If you send your first payment, you will earn a Google Reward! 


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Looking for Very Creative Content  Writers for Blog Work to Win


#Creative Writer 

#Content Developer

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