Please Complete Your SIP Feedback based on Following Points.

Please Complete Your SIP Feedback based on Following Points. 

What We did and We Got from Our SIP and What our Peers did in their SIPs

They : Finished their Internship as an Intern

We :  Accomplished our Internship as a Manager

They : Finished their Internship On

We :  Accomplished our Internship on Official Ids

They : Finished their Internship Offline

We :  Accomplished our Internship Online

They : Finished their Internship with Hard work 

We :  Accomplished our Internship Smart work 

They : Learnt from Traditional Seniors 

We :   Learnt from Small But High Tech Kids

They : Worked under Pressure 

We :   worked with Pleasure

They :  Got Anxiety, Depression, and Frustration

We :    Got Motivation 

They :  No Card

We :   had vCard / Business Card

They : Made MS Docs

We :  Made Digi Docs

They :  Learnd Work-Life Lessions

We :   Eearnd Work-Life Lessions

They : Have Hopes 

We :   Have Plans

They : had Targets 

We :   Had Goals

They :  Complicated Business Process

We :   Simplified Business

They :  Can be searched on Fb

We :    Cab be Searchd on Google

They :  can think Limited 

We :   can think Out of the Box

They :  Got Confusion 

We :   Got Confidence

Add Some More 

They :   

We :    

They :   

We :    

What all You Learnt New here ? 

1. Official Ids

2. Social Media Imp

3. WA work

4. Blogging

5. Digi Docs

6. vCard / Business Card

7. Linkedin

8. Link Building

9. Cross-Selling / Up-Selling

10. WFH 

11. Smart work 

12. Signature

Note : 

You can edit as per your experience.

All Points may not be applicable on all Interns


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