Project for a Proposed Online Blog

Project for a Proposed Online Blog

AaoJao Dot Com B2B Travel Portals

AaoJao Dot Com Travel Blog Portal Development Company

The AaoJao Dot Com system is very user friendly and control over various applications.
The project management is easy, simple and retrievable.
The uploading and downloading facility is available.
No mismanagement of data during the project development.
The system is highly secured and authenticated.
The user can themselves check and book the reservations.
The system possess various modules

AaoJao Dot Com Will have a unique online Travel Business, one has to have right mix of different XMLs and GDS system to draw the best contents in the Travel portal. The Travel contents coming from various XML should cover the Air, hotel, bus, car and holiday bookings across the Globe. Apart from bookings one must also be concern about the variety of customers and their budgets. Based upon the idea where your Travel portal must be customer centric, the range of hotel prices, quality of customer service and other add on services definitely matters.

More on Travel Portal Development

To achieve all this one must collaborate and integrate with top hotel suppliers which includes GTA, Tourico, Hotel beds, DOTW, Hotelspro, Jacob , Special tours, Travco, Travelport, Boscolo, Jumbo, TravelAsia, HotelsDo, Smilo, WHL, Transhotel, Restel, GoGlobal, World Avenues, Paradoes, Hilton, Barcelo, Bonotel, Astral and many more having worldwide inventory from India, Middleeast , Europe, USA, Far East, Central America, South America etc.

AaoJao Dot Com B2B Travel Portals :

Travel being a Global Business, the agencies and companies are closely connected. Sharing the inventory across the globe, clearly have sustainable Business advantage. Inventory of one agent can be sole by another agent sitting in another country, using these B2B Travel portals.

Key Features of online Travel portals, are:

• Numerous selling channels: B2B, B2C, XML OUT, B2E, White Label.

• Several inventory sources: In-house contracts and allocations, online

suppliers, hotel extranet and B2S portal.

• Various Payment Options: Credit Limit, Cash, Bank Transfer, Credit Card

AaoJao Dot Com Services :

Online Air Taxi Services
Online Hotel  Services
Online Air Ticket Services
Online Cab / Taxi Services
Online Aviation News Services
Online Aviation career opportunities worldwide
Online Forex Services
Online  B2B, B2C,  B2E,

AaoJao Dot Com Revenue : [Per Month]

Online Air Taxi Services      Min 1 Booking      INR 20,000
Online Hotel  Services        Min 100 Booking    INR 10,000
Online Air Ticket Services    Min 100 Booking    INR 10,000
Online Cab / Taxi Services    Min 100 Booking    INR 10,000
Online Aviation News Services Min 1 New Advt     INR 20,000
Online Aviation career        Min 100 Booking    INR 10,000
Online Forex Services         Min 100 Booking    INR 10,000
Online  B2B, B2C,  B2E,       Min 100 Booking    INR 10,000

Totel      Min expected Revenue Per Month for min av 100 Booking
INR 1,00,000

We are Looking for Business Partners and Business Associates 


Anju Yadav [ MBA Aviation ]
Aviation News Editor


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