Malaysia has created regulations that makes learning to fly helicopters very easy. Now Cliff Fournier has built Solaire Helicopters with a fleet of 10 private helicopters under Malaysian and USA N-registration, so that you can learn to fly. Cliff has also become a trusted source for people looking to buy any type of helicopter in Asia. He has the contacts and the experience to advise you on your helicopter needs. If you are interested in taking an introduction flight, or on getting your helicopter pilots license, or buying a helicopter -- then contact Cliff at Solaire Helicopters -- cliff4nier@yahoo.com -- +6019-231-7778.


Malaysia is to be congratulated on their relaxed aviation regulations that has allowed this splendid growth of general aviation in Malaysia. 
Foreign helicopters can be based in Malaysia (many Singaporeans own N-registered helicopters and base them at Subang).
You can land anywhere in Malaysia (Malaysia follows USA FAA rules and does not require a certification for an airstrip -- this means you can land in a field or behind a house or on a beach. This is what helicopters were designed to do -- fast, efficient, convenient transportation for improving tourism and saving lives).
You do not need a DCA flight clearance to fly in Malaysia (you just file a flight plan and go).
Solaire has been operating for 9 years without any accidents (they train pilots to have good judgement).
There are now 100 private helicopters operating in Malaysia (this provides employment for Malaysian people as mechanics and staff of companies to assist with maintenance and handling).
You can fly N-registered helicopters with your FAA license in Malaysia or convert to a Malaysian license to fly 9M-registered helicopters.
To date, Solaire has trained over 25 helicopter pilots for private and specialized training.
Solaire can do the Malaysian DCA PPL-H license.
Solaire can train you for the FAA Helicopter license (but you will have to have a USA security check and then go to USA to do your check ride, but Soliare can easily organize that for you).
FAA regulations stipulate that for pilots certified in helicopters and airplanes, a BFR (Biennial Flight Review) conducted in an aircraft is good only for airplanes -- whereas a BFR conducted in a helicopter is good for helicopter and airplanes. Solaire Helicopters are able to conduct BFR flights in their R44 and A109 helicopters to allow rotorwing pilots in Asia to maintain their rotorwing BFR currency.
LOCATION: Subang Airport, Malaysia (WMSA)
SolaireSdnBhd, Gate 39, Terminal 3
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport
47200 Subang Selangor DarulEhsan
COST: Please check www.solairehelicopters.com for cost confirmation
- R22 usd $265 per hour, with or without instructor onboard.
- R44 usd $465 per hour, with or without instructor onboard.
- Augusta 109 also available.
* If you pay for 20 hours in advance then you get a $40 discount per hour.
These prices may seem high, but if you look at the costs in USA, its about $225 per hour in a 22, and the UK is about $325 per hour. The costs for fuel, insurance, and the maintenance requirements are all higher here than the US. And the good thing is the food, and housing is so inexpensive here, that it makes good sense to come here rather than to go to the US. Well that is my thought anyway. Cliff Fournier. 
Cairns Helicopter School
(Cairns Airport, Queensland, Australia)
Flight Training Adelaide
(Parafield Airport, South Australia, Australia)
Newcastle Helicopters
(Williamtown, New South Wales, Australia)
Rotor-Lift Aviation
(Tasmania, Australia)
HATSOFF - Helicopter Training, Pvt., Ltd.- 
(Bangalore, India)
Helicop Aviation
(Greater Kailash II, New Delhi, India)
Turbo Aviation Pvt Ltd
(Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India)
Aviatour Flight School
(Lapu-Lapu, Cebu, Philippines)
  Philippines continued
Masters Flying School
(Pasay City, Manila, Philippines)
New Zealand
Ardmore Helicopters
(Papakura, New Zealand)
Heli-Hire Limited
(Ngongotaha, Rotorua, New Zealand)

IN FOCUS: Southeast Asia’s helicopter market spirals upwards 
One of the themes certain to run through this month's Singapore air show is the vibrancy of Southeast Asia's helicopter market. Major suppliers such as Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Bell and Sikorsky will all have a major presence at the event.
"The Southeast Asian helicopter market is resistant to the world economic crisis," says AgustaWestland chief executive Bruno Spagnolini. "In the region's offshore, utility and commercial helicopter market the crisis does not appear to be so huge. We're continuing to enjoy strong sales of the AW139, which is very well suited to this market."
•Malaysian conglomerate to acquire major stake in CTRM
Bristow Southeast Asia Operations consists of Bristow Helicopters Australia Pty Ltd., formerly Mayne Helicopters then Mayne-Bristow Helicopters, based in Redcliffe, Western Australia. Also operates Whirl-Wide Helicopters in New Zealand and Pacific Helicopters in Papua New Guinea.
Malaysia to receive all 12 Eurocopter EC725s by 2014 
The Royal Malaysian Air Force will receive its first two Eurocopter EC725 helicopters in December, with deliveries of all 12 to be completed by January 2014.
Eurocopter disclosed the delivery plans for the type in an email to Flightglobal.
Four Malaysian pilots have started training for the EC725 in an EC225 simulator located in Aberdeen, Scotland. They will then move to France, where they will undertake ground courses in addition to simulator and in-flight training.
The EC725 is the military variant of the civilian EC225.
Eurocopter adds that its EC225 full flight simulator will commence commercial operations in early 2013 at Subang airport, which is located near Kuala Lumpur. It will be used to instruct both air force and civilian pilots.
Malaysia announced its decision to buy the EC725 in 2010.
•Thailand to acquire four EC725s
Quantum Helicopters
We use Robinson helicopters because they’re fast, cost-effective and extremely reliable — traits that have made Robinsons the most popular training helicopters in the world. Most professional pilots start their careers as flight instructors. By training in Robinson helicopters, our graduates are attractive to the largest number of potential employers. Because of their versatility and low operating costs, Robinsons are an extremely popular choice with private owners, too. Learn more about these outstanding helicopters at www.robinsonheli.com.
Because we are strongly loyal to our students, and want to help them get their start in the aviation industry, we encourage them to conduct as much of their training as possible in the R22.  A simple search of flight schools will show that the vast majority of flight training today occurs in the R22.  Therefore, for maximum employability upon graduation, students should focus their training on becoming the very best R22 pilot they can be.  Although flying other types of helicopters is a lot of fun and we do offer it, it will not help most students get that first job.  
Quantum is relatively unique in being able to offer Instrument training in your choice of the R22 or the R44. R22 Instrument trainers are no longer in current production. Quantum maintains three R22 instrument trainers in like-new condition, allowing us to offer a low-cost alternative to Instrument training in the R44. However, you may choose to do your Instrument training in the R44 if you prefer.
According to the FAA, in 2004, there were 27,135 active helicopter pilots. That includes 5,912 private pilots; 18,062 commercial pilots; 3,161 airline transport pilots; and one recreational pilot.
The FAA no longer tracks rotorcraft pilots by gender. Whirly-Girls, an international organization of female helicopter pilots, had 1,374 registered members as of 2006 (see www.whirlygirls.org). Whatever the number, there could always be more, and Quantum actively encourages women with an interest in helicopters to pursue pilot training.
Flight Aviation Pvt Ltd
Company Formation
Established by partners having over 37 years of domain expertise and operational excellence in Aviation Industry. Our Panel consists of eminent Pilot currently with one of the leading Private Airlines and flown various Aircrafts like B-737NG and A-330. The vast experience of management, consultants and support staff has been instrumental to our success.
Get trained in the best Pilot Training School and obtain CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and Type RatingLicense. We train on all types of Aircrafts and provide professional guidance on Course Selection and other logistics A-319/320/321/330 B-737NG/CL/777 ATR-42/72 CRJ-700/900
Basic/Minimum Requirements:

(a) Age - He shall be not less than 18 Years of age on the date of application.
(b) Educational Qualification— He shall have passed Class XII (10+2) or an equivalent examination with Physics and Mathematics, from a recognised Board/University.
(c) Should Read, Speak, And Understand English.
(d) Medical Fitness— He shall produce on a prescribed Performa a certificate of physical fitness from an approved Medical Board after undergoing a medical examination during which he shall have established his medical fitness on the basis of compliance with the requirements as notified by the DGCA under Rule 39B.
CPL(Commercial Pilot License) Training:-
This is an Examination conducted by most Flying Clubs. It covers papers in Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation ,Air Technical. It is a Theory Exam.
Eligibility: You must be at least 16 Years of Age. A Medical Certificate of Fitness, Security Clearance Etc.
PPL(Private Pilot License)
After getting the SPL, you proceed, accompanied by the flying instructor, for initial flying training. This is a dual flight, where the instructor or trainer accompanies the learner to teach him/her the practical aspect of flying.
Eligibility: You must be at least 17 Years of age and have Passed Class XII(10+2). A Medical Certificate of Fitness.
Instrument Rating
Instrument rating refers to the qualifications that a pilot must have in order to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). It requires additional training and instruction beyond what is required for a Private Pilot certificate or Commercial Pilot certificate, including rules and procedures specific to instrument flying, additional instruction in meteorology, and more intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments. For most private pilots, the most significant value of flying under IFR is the ability to fly in instrument meteorological conditions (such as inside clouds).
Eligibility: You Must Be Atleast 17 Years Of Age And Hold at least a Private Pilot License. A Medical Certificate.
(CPL)Commercial Multi Engine

A Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the Pilot In Command of a single pilot aircraft, or as co-pilot of a multi-pilot aircraft and be paid for his/her work.
Eligibility: You Must Be Atleast 18 Years Of Age And Hold at least a Private Pilot License. A Medical Certificate
(CHPL) Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence
An Applicant for a Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Helicopters) should satisfy the following requirements :—
(a) Age - He shall be not less than 18 Years of age on the date of application.
(b) Educational Qualification— He shall have passed Class XII (10+2) or an equivalent examination with Physics and Mathematics, from a recognised Board/University.
(c) Should Read, Speak, And Understand English.
(d) Medical Fitness— He shall produce on a prescribed Performa a certificate of physical fitness from an approved Medical Board after undergoing a medical examination during which he shall have established his medical fitness on the basis of compliance with the requirements as notified by the DGCA under Rule 39B.
Recency Program
The holder of a flight crew permit, licence, or rating can only exercise the privileges of their permit, licence, or rating if they have acted as Pilot-in-command of an aircraft within the preceding 6 Months. In the event that they have not acted as such within this time period, privileges cannot acted.
Eligibility:You Must Be Atleast 18 Years Of Age And Hold at least a Commercial Pilot License. A Medical Certificate.
(CFI) Certificated Flight Instructor
A flight instructor is a person who teaches others to fly aircraft. Specific privileges granted to holders of a flight instructor qualification vary from country to country, but very generally, a flight instructor serves to enhance or evaluate the knowledge and skill level of an aviator in pursuit of a higher pilot's license, certificate or rating.
Eligibility:Flight instructors must hold at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate or ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) certificate.
Type Rating:
A Type Rating (Self-Sponsored) is an allowance to fly a certain aircraft type that requires additional training beyond the scope of initial license and aircraft class training.
This is a Rating needed to fly a specific type. As there are many different aircrafts flying very differently they are all divided (Category, Class and Type). A Type is a specific Make and Model like a Cessna 152 or a Airbus 380 the same way your car is a Volvo Or Dodge.The difference is that in the aviation world you need a Type Rating to operate that specific Make and Model.
A Type Rating can take anywhere from a Few Hours To Few Months depending on the complexity of the Aircraft.
On All Types Of Aircrafts – A-319/320/321/330, B-737NG/CL/777, ATR-42/72, CRJ- 700/900.
Line Training:
"Line Training is what you get when you get your Job with the Airline Or Self-Sponsored” . If you have earned a Type Rating from a third party training organisation which has no affiliation with the airline that has taken you on, your airline will want to familiarise you with its own standard operating procedures. SOP’s vary from airline to airline, but don’t affect the fundamentals. The airline may give you some simulator time under its supervision to teach you “the way we do things around here”.
At first arrival on the Line, normally you will operate as an ordinary Co-Pilot but with a Supernumerary training captain on the flight deck to ensure you are up to scratch and the line SOP’s have sunk in. These are acceptance checks, and you’ll get de-briefs about how you’ve done. If accepted, like all other line
pilots, you’ll be line-checked from time to time, and do your six-monthly recurrent simulator training, some of which may be Line-Oriented Flight Training (LOFT).
HELIPROPS complements traditional pilot ground and flight training. Under the HELIPROPS Program, the Bell Helicopter Training Academy (BTA) provides the following services:
1. Publishes a safety newsletter, the Human AD.
2. Participates in selected safety seminars with safety briefings that focus on accident causes.
3. Participates in the International Helicopter Safety Team (I.H.S.T.) initiatives to reduce worldwide helicopter accidents by 80% over the next 10 years. www.IHST.org.
4. Stresses participation to industry helicopter operators in the HAI Safety "Platinum Program." It is designed to help operators establish and maintain a culture of safety in order to prevent helicopter accidents. www.rotor.com.
5. Assist helicopter pilots training at the BTA with the FAA's Online Wings Program. www.FAAsafety.gov.

The Human AD newsletter is a quarterly publication that is distributed free of charge in English, Spanish and Japanese to thousands of subscribers around the world. It is written with the helicopter pilot in mind, and stresses the human factors involved in actual incidents and accidents. The Human AD can be viewed on this site, or a paper subscription can be obtained at the Subscription link. In the near future a search capability will be possible so researchers or pilots can search back issues of the newsletter.
Mailing address: 
Bell Helicopter
P.O. Box 482
Fort Worth, Texas 76101 

HELIPROPS safety briefings are held on an "invitation basis" at "Safety Stand-down Days" conducted at some Bell customer locations. The emphasis is to reach out to owners, operators, maintenance personnel and pilots with updated industry safety information. Raising safety awareness is the objective.
Weekly safety briefings are conducted at the Bell Training Academy (Alliance Airport, Texas - KAFW) for pilots attending flight training. The briefings include accident causes and prevention with audience participation in discussions. The information presented is backed up by statistical analysis and actual video footage of accidents and near-accidents.
Classes are held at the Bell Training Academy which address the human factor elements of physiology, psychology, and ergonomics as they pertain to helicopter safety. The classes are generally in conjunction with the Professional Pilot Program (P3) tailored to cover a variety of topics that are of particular interest to experienced pilots enrolled in this advanced airmanship class.
Each of the HELIPROPS activities, the Human AD newsletter, weekly safety briefings at Bell, participation in safety seminars all have the same objective: prevent human error accidents through training and education. "Eighty four percent of accidents would still occur if an aircraft or engine never failed. We must address the human and unknown side to significantly reduce accidents."
Finnair Flight Academy Technical Training is a Part-147 approved type training organization. We offer a wide variety of aircraft type courses and maintenance related training for aircraft maintenance professionals such as certifying staff, engineers and supporting personnel. We have a long experience on providing high quality theoretical and practical training. All our instructors come from live a aircraft maintenance environment and have received pedagogical training. 
Technical type training courses are based on aircraft manufacturers' original maintenance documents, training manuals and real life maintenance operations. Our category A, C, B1, B2 and B1+B2 type courses are EASA Part-66/147 approved and intended for following target groups: 
Category B1 course is for license holders whose work area is mainly on aircraft structure, power plant and aircraft systems.
Category B2 course is for license holders whose work area is aircraft electrical and electronics (avionics) systems.
Category B1+B2 course covers whole aircraft in depth.
Category C course is for "C" license holders whose main task is to release the aircraft
from larger maintenance checks. Whole aircraft is covered on a familiarization level.
Category A Course gives basic knowledge of complete aircraft on a familiarization level. After suitable practical training category "A" mechanics can do predefined maintenance tasks independently.
Theoretical and practical training are arranged as separate courses in sequence, so it is possible to study only theoretical course, only practical course or both. After a complete theoretical and suitable practical training aircraft maintenance license holder can request his/her local CAA to add a new aircraft type to the aircraft maintenance license. 
All our courses are open for both employer-sponsored and self-sponsored students. Courses can be customized to meet customers' needs and arranged at FFA's or at customers' facilities. Please see Upcoming Courses or contact us to discuss your training needs. Together we will develop an effective and cost efficient training package.
The key to success is the proper utilization of knowledge and up to date technology backed byy the dream to succeed. In the race to make our Nation a developed one by 2020, the fully trained manpower in various fields will be the foundation stone for success. The aviation, globally and in particular from Indian point of view, is emerging as one of the most attractive career options. We at VSM take pride in offering our students the most rewarding future in the entire spectrum of aviation, be it as designer, a manufacturer, or as a maintenance personnel. With Nation's most prestigious "Lunar Mission" in the anvil coupled with the "Open Sky" policy of the Indian Government, and the planned acquisition of state-of-the-art aircraft by various airlines, VSM will no doubt play a vital role in preparing the students to take up the challenges ahead.
With the Indian Government's Open Sky Policy declared in 1993, a good number of private airline operators appeared on the Indian aviation scene which was earlier the monopoly of Indian Airlines and Air India. A direct consequence of this development was the demand for qualified and experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

In response to this demand, Late Group Captain C. Chandrasekharan, VSM, opened the VSM Aerospace AME Training School in 1993. The School was approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Government of India (Approval No. Q-3/BGLR/MISC/1307-09). After the original Founder passed away, the J.C. Kala Educational and Cultural Trust (R) and KakadaySanthuram Lakshmi Bai Charitable Trust (R) purchased the school in 2002.

Since then, under the leadership of its Chairman, H. R. Satishchandra, VSM Aerospace AME Training School transformed into one of the top AME training schools in South Asia and the best one in India.

Our Institute is one of only two in India approved by DGCA in the following three Licence categories: (Reference: Q3/BGLR/MISC/1307 dated 21/4/1995, Q/VSM/TRG/764 dated 28/03/08 and Q/VSM/TRG/1629 dated 19/08/2009. Relevant regulations: Civil Aviation Requirements, Section 2 - Airworthiness, Series E, Part VIII, Issue IV, dated 30th May 2008, Revision I, 15th November 2008) 

(Helicopter and Power plants) - comprising of rotary wing Aircraft (RA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE)
comprising of Electrical Stream (ES), Instrument Systems (IS) and Radio Navigation System (RN)
(Aeroplane and Power Plants) � comprising of Light Aeroplanes (LA), Heavy Aeroplanes (HA), Piston Engine (PE) and Jet Engine (JE)

In recognition of our excellence, we are the only ONE in India licensed with two batches of seats in each category.

We are relentlessly striving to be the best - join us and be recognized as the BEST when you graduate from VSM Aerospace AME Training School.
What types of training aircraft are used in your flying school? 
Asia Pacific Flight Training utilize single engine aircraft of type Diamond DA40, Piper Warrior II & III. We also have twin engine aircraft, Diamond DA42 and Piper Seminole PA44. The school also has a Robinson R44 helicopter. Two simulators, the ALSIM AL200-DA42 and ALSIM AL200MC are also used in training. 

Airventure Flight School Inc
 Plaridel Domestic Airport
Bulacan, Philippines
Welcome to Air Venture Flight School! And Welcome to Philippines!Philippines, a paradise place on earth with its Beautiful significant numbers of Islands and friendly cultures.
Eurocopter South East Asia Training Centre
 110 Seletar Aerospace View
Singapore, Singapore
ESEA TC is a EUROCOPTER approved helicopter training center for technicians and pilots.
Indiana Aerospace University
 IAU Town Center, Kagodoy Road
Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
The Philippines first and only Aerospace University continues to lead in producing future aviation professionals with degree programs in Aerospace EngineeringAirlineManagementAircraft Maintenance TechnologyAvionicsAviation Technology-Major in FlyingHotel and Restaurant ManagementTourism and Travel Management F
Kolej TAFE Seremban
 Lot 5409, MukimAmpangan
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
TAFE College Seremban is the oldest private training provider for the Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Technology programme in Malaysia from as early as 1996.
Nilai University
 No 1, PersiaranUniversiti
Putra Nilai
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Nilai University (Nilai U) offers the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (2 1/2 years).
Aviation and Management Training Establishment
 Gulbahar Colony
Hyderpora Bypass (East)
Srinagar, India
AMTE will be the first aviation training institute in the state of J and K.
Academy of Carver Aviation Ltd
 3rd Floor, Vidya Corner Building
Pencil Chowk, MIDC
Baramati, India
The Indian economy is growing at an incredible pace and so is the aviation sector, General Aviation in particular has taken off in a big way and both the General and Civil Aviation are purchasing aircraft (Fixed and Rotary wing) in large numbers.
Advance Technology Training Centre (ADTEC)
 No 5934, Off Jalan Bukit Kemuning
Seksyen 34
Shah Alam, Malaysia
Advance Technology Training Centre (ADTEC) is a skill training institution under Department of Manpower, Goverment of Malaysia.
Advanced Aeronautics Training Centre
 Sultan Azlan Shah Airport
Lot 3 8021
Ipoh, Malaysia
Advanced Aeronautics Training Centre conducts courses both Diploma in Aircraft Technician and EASA/DCA Examination.
Aero Precision Resources SDN BHD (APR)
 No 22, Jalan Dinar A, U3/A
Taman SubangPerdana
Shah Alam, Malaysia
APR - Aviation Training Centre is a private, 100% bumiputra-owned company which was established since 1997.
 Wz-1st 2nd floor, Ganesh Nagar
East Janakpuri
New Delhi, India
AeroengineersVidyapeethis established in the year 2011.
Aeronautical College of Bangladesh
 House #38, Road #20, Sector # 11
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aeronautical College of Bangladesh is an approved center of Edexcel (UK).
Aerotech Training Center
 Shoplot No. 21, Ground Floor, Putatan Jaya
Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia
Welcome to Aerotech Training Centre (ATC), the first EASA Examination Center and training school in East Malaysia, who offer a complete EASA training programme to cater for all your aircraft, engine and regulatory training requirements.
Air Link International Aviation College
 Airlink Building, Domestic Road
Domestic Airport
Pasay City, Philippines
Air Link International Aviation College was founded by Captain Geronimo Amurao more than two decades ago.
Air Transport Training College
 70 Seletar Aerospace View
Seletar Aerospace Training Complex
Singapore, Singapore
Air Transport Training College (ATTC) was established in 1999 as the Professional Development Centre of the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers (SIAE).
Airlink International Aviation College
 Airlink Building, Domestic Road
Domestic Airport
Pasay, Philippines
Welcome to Air Link!International Aviation College offers Bachelor of Science in Aviation as well as an array of other aviation related courses, including Private Pilot Courses and Commercial Pilot Courses.
Asian Aviation Centre
 Colombo Airport
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Asian Aviation Centre (Pvt) Ltd.
Asian College of Aeronautics
 Highway Mandalagan-Lacson St.
Theresa Building
Bacolod, Philippines
Asian College of Aeronautics was establsihed by filipino engineers to address the needs of the aviation industry.
 33Ubi Ave 3 #07-24 Vertex
Singapore, Singapore
Aviationlearn is an Approved Training Organization under the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to deliver Workforce Skills Qualifications in Aerospace Maintenance.
Coimbatore Aeronautical College
 298, Pollachi Main Road
Myleripalayam, Othakalmandapam
Coimbatore, India
Aviation sector has raised itself to new heights due to the development of the world economy.
College of Aviation Technology
 Number 14, Sector 11
Uttara Model Town
Dhaka, Bangladesh
College Of Aviation Technology (CATECH) is a leading aviation college committed to the professional success of its students.
Flight School International
 124 Domestic Road
Pasay City, Philippines
Flytech Aviation Academy
 1-8-303/33 Nagam Towers
3rd and 4th Floor, NTR
Secunderbad, India
Flytech Aviation Academy is approved by D.
Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology
 40, GST Road
St Thomas Mount
Chennai (Madras), India
Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology (H.
Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science
 P-254, Michaelnagar
Jessore Road
Kolkata, India
Indian Institute Of Aeronautical Science has been responsible for providing the aviation industry with highly qualified engineers for over 5 years, and we take pride in the success of each and every student.
Indian Insttitute of Aircraft Engineering
 A 191, Road No. 4, Lane No. 8
Mahipalpur Extension, NH - 8
New Delhi, India
ACCREDITATIONS & APPROVALS Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering is a unit of Jayanti Aviation Pvt.
Lombok Institute Flight Technology
 Selaparang International Airport
Jl. AdiSucipto No.1, Rembiga
Mataram, Indonesia
Lombok Institute of Flight Technology (LIFT) is located in Selaparang International Airport on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
Malaysian Aviation Training Academy (MATA)
 Lot 12-28 Jalan Putra Square 7
Putra Square
Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia
The aviation industry especially the maintenance and repair sector has always been in need of dynamic, skilled and professionally inclined personnel to cope with the increasing complexity and fast growth of the industry.
Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology
 1016, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (MIAT) is the only aviation institute that offers aircraft maintenance technology in Malaysia.
NDC Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
 Ajwa Road
Vadodara, India
NDC Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (NDCIAME) is a perfect blend of the institutions with century old reputation of commitment towards quality and dynamic, young leadership in the field of management of education, social & cultural awareness &upliftment of weaker sections in keeping with the trend of the culturally and educationally charged atmosphere of the city of Vadodara
Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Sciences
 451-D, Palakkad Main Road
Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore, India
Nehru college of Aeronautics and applied Sciences has been playing an important role as an institution par excellence for imparting technical training in aviation since 1968.
PATTS College of Aeronautics
 Lombos Avenue
San Isidro
Paranaque City, Philippines
PATTS College of Aeronautics is reputedly the country´s Number One Aeronautical College today.
Perpetual School of Aviation
 Alabang-Zapote Avenue
Pamplona 3
Las Pinas, Philippines
Perpetual University School of Aviation aims to prepare qualified airmen to assume leadership roles in the technological & socio-economic development of local & foreign Aviation Industry, particularly in the areas of aircraft research, operation, maintenance and aviation education through quality training, modern facilities & highly qualified faculty.
Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy
 1-11-301/3, AU Reddy Towers, Near ICICI Bank
GaganVihar Colony
Hyderabad, India
It´s my privilege to be leading a company that aims to change the face of the Indian Aerospace Industry in the years to come.
SekolahTinggiPenerbangan Indonesia (STPI)
 Budiarto Airport
Jl. Raya PLP Curug, PO Box 509 TNG
Tangerang, Indonesia
A government owned and controlled aviation training institutes offering private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument rating and multi engine training and diploma degrees in aviation engineering.
Skyline Aviation
 104/3, New Airport Road
Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Skyline Aviation Flight & Aeronautical Engineering Training Academy is committed to providing the best training available for the PPL, CPL/IR and AML.
United College of Aviation
 Sector-03, Road-04, House-16
Uttara Model Town
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Aerospace engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering are now in great demand worldwide following rapid expansion of air transport and restrictions.
Vision Group of Aviation
 Ben RosiBldg, Rm 201
Pablo Ocampo St. Malate
Manila, Philippines
Vision Group of Aviation (VGA) Aircraft Maintenance Training Center and Flying School is reputedly the country´s one of the best training center today.
WCC Aeronautical & Technical College - Binalonan
 Binalonan Airfield
Binalonan, Pangasinan, Philippines
The WCC Aeronautical and Technology College was established in 2005.
WCC Aeronautical & Technical College - Caloon
 461 William Shaw Street
Grace Park
Caloocan City, Philippines
The WCC Aeronautical and Technology College was established in 2005.
Bafna Air keen on starting helicopter training institute in India Looks at attracting students from South East Asian countries By Anita Jain | Mumbai
Mumbai based Bafna Air – a private jet charter service company is keen on starting Commercial Helicopter Pilot License (CHPL) institute in India by January 2010. The company is going to offer 25 seats per year with a minimum of 210 hours of training. For the same, it has tied up with Hawaii based Mauna Loa Helicopter Institute for technical support and course structure. Bafna Air has submitted the applications and documents to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and is awaiting approvals. The company has selected few sites in Osmanabad, Surat, Latur and Solapur. ArunLohiya, CEO, Bafna Air said, “We are looking at a base where there is minimum air traffic movement. The Ministry is going to finalise the location where we can start the institute.” 

Talking about the potential of helicopter training institute in India, Lohiya, said, “Due to growing heli-tourism segment, there is a huge demand for trained helicopter pilots in the market. With negligible number of quality helicopter training institutes in India, most aspiring helicopter pilots from the country go to US for professional training. It is a similar story in other South East Asian countries. By tying up with the one of the top US training institutes, we are going to bring international expertise to India.” According to Lohiya, the institute will offer training at a lower cost (between INR 20 lakhs – 25 lakhs) compared to US (more than Rs 30 lakhs). The company wants to attract students from neighbouring and South East Asian countries for training at the institute.

Bafna Air aims to become a premium aviation company in luxury and business travel. The company owns one Super King Air B-200, one Cessna Citation Bravo 550 (business jets) and two Agusta 119 A Koala helicopters. It is planning to buy one Turbo Prop B-200 by mid-2010. It offers services like medical evacuation, corporate charters, tourism charters, film shoot charters, aerial joyride charters, pilgrimage charters, etc


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